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We build the ultimate in custom made yachts

for those who refuse to be put in a box.​


This 70-meter vessel is one of our favorite case studies for showcasing just how far one can go with a refit.


Using both aesthetic and structural engineering, BOADICEA's look was not only updated but transformed into an entirely new 78-meter yacht with out-of-the ordinary interior features like a double-height main saloon atrium with 5-deck glass elevator, a luxe beach club with spa, exquisite bedrooms, a 14 seat cinema room, a tropical garden deck with real grass, a Touch & Go helipad, an outdoor gym, a heated swimming pool, limousine tenders and a host of water toys.


At her launch, BOADICEA was briefly named REBORN but since has returned to its original name. Today she is available to charter with Fraser Yachts.




Under the McFarlane ShipDesign wing for some time, ARCTIC P has received a series of luxury and expedition refits so that she remains interesting and up to speed with her adventurous owner.


The 87 meter deep sea tug boat began with an extended stern platform,  a modification of the bridge and hull structures, and implementation of higher mainframes throughout the vessel for added headspace. After a few years she returned for the addition of a beach house deck with sunken jacuzzi and heated pool that can be converted into lounge quarters with the flick of a switch, new stern thrusters, and the application of all relevant Class Regulations and Polar Code necessary for true voyaging.



ARCTIC P is world-renowned for being an exceptionally well-built and adventurous superyacht, able to undergo long crossings and brave extreme conditions with great ease.

She currently holds the Guinness World Record for most Southerly Navigation Point as well as the Voyager Award.

Boadecia (Reborn)


The Raptor is an  innovative design which allows potential owners to create custom super yachts in half the time and with a 25% lower price tag thanks to building in Commercial shipyards. Using a 105m core design which is readily available, we implement modifications which allow Owners to add 20m mid-body sections, bringing the length to up to 125m if requested. All additional time & budget can be spent on stylizing the exterior and creating an interior design tailored to an Owner's taste.


The Raptor Series is also one of the first of our projects to be available in the virtual-reality format, allowing potential Owners to experience life aboard the yacht before it is built. 



This Candies offshore service ship was given a new lease on life with an exciting refit which capitalised on its ample storage space to create a best in its class shadow ship.


Mystere Shadow has the space to store large tenders, jetskis and a flurry of water toys. In addition she has a voluminous helicopter hanger, a full spa, and accommodation for 4 guests. 


Its interior, though spartan, is fitted with top quality materials and  wellness amenities to offer guests equal measures of pampering and sport.

The yacht's lounge and dining areas can then be converted into multiple levels of disco space for the ultimate in partying.

Mystery Shadow's refit was shortlisted for Best Refit.


Our ultra eco-friendly 103-meter expedition yacht with a 36 guest to 62 crew ratio is equally suited for private owners as it is for small luxury cruise companies. 


Thanks to features like a hydrodynamic hull with ice-belt reinforcement, our signature curved bow for smooth forward motion, retractable fin stabilizers, oversized propellers and ample storage options, the SEAHAWK is made for the ultimate in sustained solo voyaging.  To this we have added two types of systems; the first focused on neutralizing chances of cross-contamination and damage during voyages, the second on offering enjoyable living quarters in 35°C like -12°C. The hybrid engines allow SEA HAWK to cruise at 12knots on electricity alone and most entertainment features, like the helicopter & tenders, double up as safety equipment. 


SEAHAWK's interior design, stylish and luxe, offers an onboard experience aiming to be crème de la crème. Full height windows and wide axis of vision give a signature open-air feel to the inner quarters, whilst the structuring—inspired by cruise ships—allows for top quality service, socialising, and activities.

For Norna the ex-fisheries patrol vessel, looks had never been a strong point. Intended for long trips and boarding fishing vessels for control purposing (forcibly if necessary) its hull and structure were utilitarian, but the interesting price tag and the ice-strengthened hull designed to slice through waves caught a private buyer's eye. The vessel was purchased in 2010 with the intention to convert.


Viewed under a different light, Norna's capability of voyaging pointed to her being a potentially excellent expedition yacht conversion. What needed to happen was a thorough interior update to turn the industrial aspects into luxe.


The works were successfully performed in a French shipyard and transformed the vessel into Enigma XK, a stylish expedition vessel. Light and spacious, she boasts stunning interiors and dramatic window positioning. Guests, of which there can be 12, can enjoy the scenery as well as onboard amenities such as spa, scuba diving, fishing, and water-skiing. This project was crowned 2014 Refit of the Year. 



YARD 910 

Working alongside Cor D. Rover who handled the exterior design. “The design of the boat is purposefully classic. If you do something modern, in 10 years it is already in the past. I wanted something that will be timeless,” the owner says. "The exterior was designed in the spirit of the modern classic cruise liners of the 1960s intentionally re-creating the comfort, luxury, elegance and nostalgia of the heyday of cruise ships. We completely modified the look of the boat. We changed the bow, the stern, and we added a complete brand new aluminium superstructure from the main deck upwards," he adds.  Over 2,000 square metres have been allocated for accommodation alone with an owner's suite that occupies 350 square metres of the sixth deck. “It’s absolutely enormous,” he says. Although the vessel was never really intended for its owner's private use. The conversion was a commercial undertaking from the get-go with the charter market in mind.

As for her explorer credentials, she has two landing pads, a helicopter lift, garage and refuelling facility, and a range of 10,000 nautical miles. Elsewhere, a central garage has been designed to accommodate four tenders and a submarine together with a moon pool, while a dedicated car garage can house a landing craft to carry SUVs, quad bikes and motorbikes for excursions ashore.

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