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Our designs are never just pretty pictures. 

We work tirelessly so that they provide the highest level of:​

  • design and technical expertise

  • feasibility and safety levels

  • energy-efficient systems

  • onboard service quality 

  • and business performance



Whilst aiming to create comfortable and well-appointed spaces which allow passengers to enjoy not only themselves but the changing surroundings, we always put safety and feasibility first.


With a globe intersected by numerous regulatory bodies, it is of utmost importance that vessels remain  both structurally and behaviourally compliant at all times.


We offer a complete service class compliantAll of our work is of ship inspection and repairs to ensure one remains class approved always and forever.


No two clients or projects are alike, which is why we never attempt to feed or force designs.


We always listen and do our best to make all structural wishes come true: whether it's specific equipment, the latest submarine, a dozen car tenders or fresh grass for an Owner's pet.



We have created and maintain a global network of trusted professionals ready to work seamlessly towards our projects.


From the United States to Singapore via Europe & the Middle East and even the South Pacific,  there is no place on Earth where we don't go to conduct inspections and client meetings.


The majority of marketing opportunities are set aside to protect project details from the media and competitors. By this, we champion the importance of discretion.


Some view this as detrimental to our  own brand, but we like to think the finished product speaks for  itself.


Our Values

When a company dispenses work upon which lives depend on,

knowing where their heart lies is essential.

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