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Naval Architecture

Preparing for a far better future.




New designs are often the first choice, but there is something truly exciting about giving new purpose to a vessel, and the favorable aspects of yacht conversions are plentiful.​

The process begins with both putting an Owner's dreams onto paper, and picking the suitable pre-existing ship as the canvas to work with.  We then create the Concept Design, before handpicking the shipyard which will best suit the project.

From then onwards we take care of the overseeing of the project: liaisons with the yard, suppliers,  interior designers, conducting regular onsite supervision, and tending to all deadlines, till completion and launch of the newborn vessel.



With our keen understanding of the mathematics of ship structure, we are a trusted voice in traditional and experimental refit projects worldwide. 

Our services include:

  • Consultation & inspections

  • Drawing up of plans [general arrangement, technical specifications, 3D scan, structure plans]

  •   Shipyard & service selection

  • Project management


We do not rely on partnering shipyards, but instead be hand pick candidates based on project and target at hand.

Popular refit destinations include Croatia, France, Singapore, Italy and the United States.

new build


We have the expertise and imagination to harness visions and realise them. We also have a proven track record, having produced some of the industry's best cruise & superyacht conversions.

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concept design


It takes a strong engineering team with even stronger communication skills to successfully put a clients' ideas onto paper. Here at McFarlane Shipdesign we create, implement and render watertight all concept designs to ensure the proper realization of such visions on paper and in the flesh.

  • Grahpic Design & Technical Engineering

  • Renders

  • Investment Packages

interior exterior


The interior and exterior of a vessel should reflect the owner's principles, and exhume their personal style and imagination.

 From remodeling lines and mapping out sun exposure to choosing complimentary fabrics, art, and furniture, the interior & exterior styling of vessels is a crucial element to the final visual product. This is why we adapt ourselves to every client's personal vision, and have set in place an interactive and guided procedure which allows their vision to be brought forth.

McFarlane ShipDesign counsels and guides clients through interior and exterior styling using a combination of our in-house team and trusted network of the industry's best names.

build supervision


We look out for our clients best interest during the build by making sure the technical and design features are to the high quality expected in the luxury yachting sector.

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