Meet the Design Team

Since 1986, Robert's name has been behind some of the industry's tallest and most daredevil builds. He prides himself on engineering efficiency and consistent delivery.

Director & Naval Architect

Robert McFarlane

Anthony uses his passion for utilitarian feng shui to handle our award-winning interior refits.

Interior Naval Designer

Anthony Chappaz

Most commonly seen using her qualifications in yacht & power craft design to deliver exceptional engineering, Estelle is well known for her love of  ocean crossings.

Naval Architect 

Estelle Derville

Alex supports our firm with general concepts, hull & appendage design, as well as stability testing and shipyard inspections.

Naval Architect

Alexandre Fortabat

Raymond Fagerli

Hailing from Norway with degrees from Australia and the UK, Raymond brings excellency in structural design, problem-solving and engineering.

Naval Architect & Hydrodynamicist

Raymond Fagerli

Terry Allen

A veteran engineer, Terry brings decades of experience in overseeing large cruise builds and super yacht refits to our projects around the world.

Technical Director & Project Manager

Terry Allen