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We are behind some of the industry's most iconic motor and sail cruises.

and have the designs on hand for future cruises.




The new flagship of the relaunched Swan Hellenic Operating group, the new ship has been designed to journey to off the beaten path destinations and remote polar regions in style and comfort.

The vessel will spend more than 3/4 of the year in harsh arctic or antarctic conditions allowing guests to see sights that are not accessible to everyone. 

Views can be enjoyed through one of its many windows or from the infinity swimming pool aft, the luxury sauna with large glass window, or the star gazing deck on top. 

The ship incorporates a PC5 ice-strengthened hull combined with extra-large stabilisers to make its journey as smooth as possible.


In 2019, Oceanwide Expeditions will be launching one of our latest expedition designs made to measure for the new Polar Code. Exceeding all existing vessels on the latest green requirements for high latitude voyaging, this vessel will be the world's first Polar Class grade 6 cruise ship.

Structurally, Hondius will boast the strongest ice-strengthened hull  on the market as well as  the latest technology in energy-efficiency and stabilisation equipment, but we argue that the most exciting elements occur inside the vessel. Thanks to an innovative and versatile interior design, the cruise ship will be offering high-quality accommodation, unsurpassed vistas of the changing scenery, and a variety of activities to its 176 passengers— a large observation lounge, various dining options, and entertainment rooms for lectures, interactive workshops, exhibitions, and performances.

Hondius Oceanwide



Sail training ships today are as popular with armies and sailing schools due to the character building opportunities onboard and communal lifestyle.

We have designed tall ships for a number of clients using our standard model configurable for 70 to 120 trainees and enjoy customizing them for individuality. 


Traditional in appearance, our vessels use modern materials and hull modification to give a smoother and more performance-driven vessel.

Please contact us for more information & specifics on sail training ships .



Originally built for Renaissance Cruises, this vessel was acquired by Hebridean Island Cruises in 2000 and refitted by McFarlane ShipDesign into MY Hebridean Spirit: a  90-meter  small luxury cruise ship with a 100 passenger capacity and an impeccably elegant, if not unusual cruising ethos.


Rather than attempting to compete with larger cruises, Hebridean Spirit makes its niche in what magazines call 'country-style cruising'; a regal experience with plushy parlour-style interiors in checkered flannel, quiet activities by the fireplace, roomy cabins and silver service dining against the slowly evolving backdrop of the Scottish Isles.

Hebridean's bespoke package has carried it well through the decades, earning it praise and even Best Boutique Cruise Line Award in 2015.





When Mickael Krafft decided to enter the cruise industry boom with a luxury ship of his own, nothing but the tallest of the tall ships with over 3,000 square meters of sail would do. The first Clipper cruise ship was built in 1990, using every modern amenity whilst remaining aesthetically in line with its age-old heritage.


The Clipper ships are identical in design, with space for  150 passengers and 75 crew.  


28 years on, they continue to sail in the Med, the South-Pacific, and the Caribbean. Star Clippers has been winner of the Leading Luxury Cruise Company & Specialist Cruise Company numerous times over the years.


When the world-famous National Geographic submitted its request for an affordable addition to their expedition fleet, we scoured the markets in search of a tried and tested hull which would offer effective cost-cutting and simultaneously allow us to implement new technology. The ideal match was found in Norway Coastal Ferry's soon to retire vessel.


Once purchased, it underwent a conversion in the Las Palmas shipyard which included structural reinforcement of the ice-belt and a completely new guest interior to allow for comfortable voyaging with exciting guest activities.


The National Geographic Explorer is today the company's flagship, and is commonly referred to as the "epitome of exploration voyaging". 


It annually voyages from pole to pole, going down the length of the Atlantic, the Baltic Sea, Norway, the Northwest Passage, the Canadian Maritimes, and the wild coast of South America. 




A groundbreaking concept design which offers high quality  offshore accommodation for events, construction sites or the hotel industry.


The KABINA is a line of self-sufficient 'flatpack' vessels available in 100-meter to 400-meter models which can be anchored at bay or shored up for short or extended periods of time.


The standout feature of the concept is the unprecedented levels of practicality quality of life onboard. The horseshow frame boasts 9 decks, a hollow  5-deck inner atrium and public gardens spanning 400m2 and 600m2 which allow for plenty of air and light to travel through the ship's interior.


Inside, an array recreational activities are on offer to allow for healthy and autonomous living:

  • three coffee shops, a gym and sports bar

  • cinemas, barber shops, prayer rooms and libraries

  • a panic room as well as medical & dental facilities

  • upgraded cabins, office space, meeting rooms, dining rooms

  • helicopter access


The KABINA's luxury models are ideal for cruise and hotel companies looking for a new addition, whilst the worker accommodation is suited for construction sites and events. 


"Glancing through the Kabina’s outline specs, it seems that sections of the vessel have not been so much inspired by city apartments, but by cities themselves."—  Royal Institute of Naval Architects 



Our SOUTH PACIFIC design is the face of the next-generation cruise ship who wish to combine the romance of sea winds with a pristine green technology.


Using energy-efficiency and environmentally friendly systems throughout the vessel, from its onboard products and fabrics  ammenities, SOUTH PACIFIC caters to small cruise lines intent on attracting the eco-luxe discerning passenger.


Please click on the link below for more renders, and get in touch to see how we can further tailor a  SOUTH PACIFIC design to your ideals.



At 133 meter with 5 decks, the same number of masts and 5202 square meters of sail,  Royal Clipper holds the Guiness World Record as the world's largest sailing ship. Completed in 2000, the vessel was built using a second-hand hull at the Merwede shipyard in Germany. 


Inspiration for Royal Clipper was sourced from windjammer ships, a  breed of sail-powered cargo vessels which carried lumber and grain across the world during the 1800's. Two which struck out were the Windjammer cruises, where Robert Mcfarlane was an officer during his youth, and records of Preussen, the only other 5 masted merchant ship.


For the past 20 years, Royal Clipper has filled the cruise market need for small cruising passengers seeking an intimate and romantic experience. WIth its 214 cabins and 106 crew members, The Royal Clipper can comfortably entertain 227 passengers.



A new innovative design that immerses clientele into a hidden world that only few have seen. Making it possible for anyone to be an explorer. With the employment of leading hull design and propulsion technology, the ship is stable and efficient creating a seamless and smooth trip. 

Onboard, guests have spacious decks offering a variety of amenities, living spaces and observation points always connecting the landscapes surrounding.

o Designed for Economic Construction

o Green Energy Saving Technology

o Motorships with up to 30% energy saving

o Sailing ships with up to 60% energy saving

o Guest experience always at forefront


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